Play Online Baccarat for Real Money

Play Online Baccarat for Real Money

Baccarat, originally derived from the European game of Punto Banco, is the easiest casino game. It is the basic card game of Las Vegas and several other American States. However, despite this, many people seem intimidated by this game and the reason for this is its unfamiliar rules.

Nevertheless, the rules are quite simple, you simply have to make one decision for every hand, and the Baccarat dealers take care of the rest and help you play hands by following its strict gaming rules.

In Baccarat, you just have to place bet on house, on players or tie and then sit back and watch the action getting unfolded in front of you. Thus, here, you will understand the mystery of Baccarat basics and rules, so that you can play the game efficiently.

Baccarat History

Online Baccarat The history of Baccarat is still a topic of research. There are no concrete proofs as of who invented the game, but many individuals agree that the game dates back to medieval ages.

According to the legend, the origin of the game lies in an old ritual. In ancient times, nine gods used to pray to the blonde girl. They waited for the girl to throw a die having nine sides.

The number that came on that die would decide the fate of the girl. If the number came out to be nine or eight, then she would be considered as a princess, if the number came out to be six or seven, the gods would prohibit her to perform any religious activities. If the die showed the number five or less than that, the girl would have to throw herself into the sea.

Later, the game evolved and even common people started playing it. Baccarat is pronounced as bac-car-ah, which means ‘zero’ in Italy. The main reason behind this is most cards of baccarat have a value of zero. Some say an Italian croupier Felix Falguierein invented the game in the year 1480. He used tarot cards for playing baccarat.

One theory states that Lino Bussoli, a moneylender from Italy, created Baccarat, in remote and rocky mountainous areas of Abruzzo. People in the region used to fear Bussoli because of his unsightly appearance and mysterious dealings.

It is believed that Bussoli devised other new methods of gambling, which evolved and changed over the years and later spread to different parts of the world.

The first original Baccarat game was played in France, where it was a favorite pastime for people in French aristocracy. The game kept on evolving and presently there are four modern variations of Baccarat. They are American Baccarat, Chemin de Fer, European Baccarat and Baccarat en Banque.

The game became popular in Argentina and later it arrived in Cuba and made its way to the United States. People believe that the entry of the Baccarat in American casinos took place in the years 1959-1960 at Sands Casino, Las Vegas. Tommy Renzoni was the owner of the casino, who introduced the game. He designed the format of the game on the basis of Chemin de Fer.

The popularity of the game has now increased tremendously, as numerous online versions of the game have also evolved.

Later, Chemin de Fer, spread far wide to the British Isles. The game underwent thorough molding in England, as game rules were changed. Here, it achieved a new name, European Baccarat.

Baccarat Rules

Baccarat is usually played from 6 deck or 8 deck shoe (case through which cards are played). The Baccarat table layout usually consists of the middle area for the gambler and two similar areas at other ends. The game includes a caller (gambler or the croupier), first dealer, second dealer, drop box, discard trays and tips box.

The game starts with 14 players occupying seats around the table. They have to take position, which equates the layout wagers and are outlined on table, where players need to take their seat. Initially, every player gets 3 betting arenas, which are related to their positions on the table. These arenas are Banker, Player and Tie.

The norm in Baccarat is that you need to place bet for item, with cards that bring up a point sum close to nine. These totals are figured out as follows: Aces are worth one point each; cards two to nine make up face value; tens, as well as face cards, count as 0.

One thing that you need to note in this regard is that if your dealing comes to 9 and 7, then your total is not 16, but it is 6. Again, if you get a 3 and 8, your total will not be 11, but 1. That means rules do not allow your combined total to go above 9. Therefore, the ideal hand is the one, which equates 9 and that too in the first two cards itself. Next, 8 is the second good hand after 9. Thus, 9 and 8 are two hands that make up best natural hands.

Actual Play rules

A Baccarat dealer deals four cards, 2 cards for each house and player. If the sum of any of them or both comes to 8 or 9, then this deal is called as natural and then there are no more cards to be issued

If the point sum of both cards is identical, then it is a tie. The greatest tip one can adhere to is when the point sum of the players or house after the first two cards do not come to natural or tie, then deal out another card by using the specific rules that are as follows:

  1. If player’s first hand sums up to 6 or greater than that, he or she needs to stand and will then not receive extra cards
  2. If it comes to 5 or less, the player can deal out an extra card
  3. If house hand sums up to 7 or greater, the house needs to stand
  4. If house hand sums up to 0, 1, 2, then the house needs to take an extra card
  5. If house hand sums come to 3 and the third card of the player is other than 8 (this card is received by the player before the house), then the house hits.
  6. If house hand sums up to 4 and the third card of the player is other than 1,8,9,0, the house hits again.
  7. In case house hands sum up to 5, and if you are dealt at 4,5,6,7, then the house hits too.

What about Payouts?

Payouts in Baccarat are easy to understand and pretty straightforward. In case you bet on a succeeding player’s hand, you get 1 to 1 payout. If you deal a wager on a succeeding house hand, then too you get a payout of 1 to 1. When you bet on a tie, then you will get a payoff of 8 to 1. Usually, you can place a minimum bet of $1 and a maximum of $250. The casinos take 5% of commission from you after every win.

Online Baccarat Rules

People can also play this game online. The rules remain the same, whether you intend to play online or in an actual casino at Monte Carlo, Las Vegas or Atlantic City or any other casino.

Benefits of playing online are that you can play it whenever you want at your convenience. The only variation is that some online casinos offer you the liberty to play with 1 to 8 decks. You may also find some real Las Vegas casino offering you to play on such decks too.

Some Casinos provide single decks but mix up the deck after every hand, thereby making it quite impossible for you to count the cards. Other large and more sophisticated software may not shuffle the cards every time, but then such software has 6 to 8 decks.

Variations in rules

The Baccarat played in most North American casinos is referred to as American Baccarat. So, when you visit Vegas or Atlanta City and intend to play Baccarat, do not get confused. Some casinos provide you with funding to initiate the game and later after you win the play, you will have to repay the funds along with 5% commission on the winning amount.

This commission is applicable even if you do not obtain funds from the casinos. Rules are the same and the players have to bet on betting areas that we heard of earlier as Bank, Player and Tie. Tie bet is sometimes, called Stand off in North American cities.

Here the layout table has a slightly different design. In North America and most European countries, you will see that people there play mini versions of Baccarat.

The French play a very different version of Baccarat, which is highly popular. They refer to it as Chamin de Fer (English meaning – ‘railroad’). It offers the same flexibility, but the rules are slightly different. Rules are a little lenient, while pulling the third card. Moreover, casinos do not fund the game.

Players have to wager within themselves and one of the participants at the layout table plays the role of a banker. As the game progresses, the next player sitting in the counterclockwise direction becomes the banker, and the cycle repeats as the game moves ahead.

The European version of Baccarat is yet another type, which originated in the UK and this version is still very popular all across Europe. Here, casinos offer funds for players to bet on the banker’s hand. However, players need to hit or will have to stand, if the hand value sums to five. Players may also opt to take an additional card, if the hand sums to five.

About 1-3-2-6 system rules

1-3-2-6 system is a typical Baccarat system, since it allows cash payouts. However, you may also opt for other casinos that work on this system and offer even cash odds.

This system gives an opportunity to win four times in a row. Your first bet has to be 1 unit, the second 3 units, the third 2 units and the fourth 6 units. Therefore, if you take each unit as $10 and that you are playing for the odd 1:1. Since the initial bet is $10, while winning, this $10 is added to $20 on the layout, which makes the second bet as $30.

Thus, when you win on the second Baccarat bet, there will be $60 on the layout table. Out of this, you need to take out $40 and your third bet now comes to $20. If you win the third bet, you get $40 on the layout table. You can add $20 that makes the total as $60 for your fourth bet.

If you win the fourth bet, there will be $120 on the baccarat table. This is your net profit. Now, your net profit is taken and you need to start the system again at $10. If you lose in between, you will have to start the game again by betting at $10.

Next, assume that you lose the first bet and $10. Then you need to consider that, if you lose on the second level you will suffer a loss of $20. In the third level, your loss will give a net profit of $20 (since you have got down to $40). In the fourth level, if you suffer a loss, it will wreck you even more because you will have to put back $20 of the net $40.

Thus, what makes this system so attractive is that you are risking just $20 in an effort to make profit of $120. However, if you are losing, you are in fact, losing six times the betted amount at the second level. Later, if you win four games in a row, you get the opportunity to get your money back.

Mini Baccarat rules

Rules of mini baccarat are the same as of standard baccarat. However, there are minor variations. Only one dealer, who handles out the cards, manages the table. The table has seven seating positions, which corresponds to the number. It also has a betting box that holds banker, player and tie. You can bet from minimum of $2 or $5 to maximum of $500.

Basic Roulette Strategy That Wins

Basic Roulette Strategy That Wins

Roulette is mostly a game of chance and it usually is dependent on the ball falling where it may, however there are some very valuable gaming tips that make the game easier, especially if you are a novice player.

You will want to know that Roulette has a very high house edge, however if you try to play the game at a full table, you may be able to slow down the amount of time that your money is subject to the house edge as you get less spins in an hour when there is more people at the table making bets.

Another tip you may be happy to know is that you will not have to worry, when others make a bet along side your bet, or if you have to stack your chips on the chips of another, because every player has his own color of chips and they are easily differentiated.

You may place a bet after the dealer has let the ball spin. The dealer will tell all of the players when to stop playing. When the ball starts slowing down the dealer will wave their hand over the table and announce that he is taking “No more bets”.

If you are going to play this game, you may want to find a good Roulette System, one that helps you get an edge, one that will help you get rich at the casino, with a good system, there is surely a sure fire way to win. You may be able to find a great system that will control how you get ahead and stay that way. In the game of Roulette you will find that there is a 50% possibility for you to win, but you can use your system to control the winnings, and help you possibly gain an advantage that will make you a winner.

Remember there are 2 important considerations when you are trying to discover how much you will win or lose, which include your amount of sheer luck on that particular day, and when you decide it is time for you to quit. Both give you some degree of success because you know that it is dependent on luck and you know how to call it quits and come back another day.

Keep in mind that if you are losing, there is a system that will teach you how to be a good player when you are trying to win money. It will give you insight on when to quit the game quickly, save yourself tons of money and keep from losing anymore. Playing responsibly is a good idea when you are having a bad day, which means your new system will tell you when you should stop and come back another day.

Also keep in mind that sometimes people have reasons for taking on a good system, and knowing the advantages of that system to the casino and the player. Some casino advantages include the fact that people are extremely greedy when it comes to money. We tend to lack self-discipline and lastly know that when it comes to time, you should be aware that the longer you play, the more likely that you will lose all of your money to a run. As a player you have some advantages of choosing whether you will bet, when you will bet and how much you are going to wager, as well as when you decide to quit. Simply knowing these few tips will give you the edge over the casino and will allow you to leave the casino with more money than you came with more often.

There are systems on the market, which are claimed to be useful for online game players and can be applied while playing on a busy table with 35 to 45 spins and help you win most of the time. Many systems point out how to make bets, usually the inside bets, and teach you when each type of bet is better to use. Some systems do offer outlandish claims, like they can help you win every time. While this is not a possibility, winning most of the time is possible, because the game changes with every single spin and the chances of winning go back to a 50-50 probability at the beginning of every single new spin.

In conclusion, there are many casino games to play, but Roulette has been the favorite for the masses for centuries. This game is primarily a game of chance, however with a good system there is the possibility of ensuring that you will come out a winner more often than if you did not have one. Learning also when to quit will benefit you and ensure that the casino gets less of your money. Playing at a crowded table will ensure that less spends per hour means less of your money will be subject to the house, and by keeping track of all of your games, and posting the number of times you win and lose to discover patterns may also be a way to win more often.

Play Online Roulette for Real Money

Play Online Roulette for Real Money

Many people who like casino gaming have loved the game of roulette for centuries. The game is easy to learn, fun to play and almost totally a game of chance. The object of the game of Roulette is to pick the number that will be the winner on the roulette wheel. You will also get to choose between the colors, bet on different number combinations or even choose whether the number will be odd or even. Some people think that the game is an easy one, however with all of the many bet variations and number possibilities it may not be as easy as it seems. Roulette is a true game of chance, where every time you bet on any color you stand a chance to win 50-50, you can also win any number of number combinations.

There are two different Roulette wheels in use today, one of the wheels is called the European Wheel and has 37 slots numbering from 0 to 36, with a house edge of 2.63. The other wheel in America has 38 numbers with the double zero (00). Because it added the (00), the American Wheel also increased the edge of the house to 5.26 percent.

The layout is the same as the game that was originally created in 1842; the table has two betting areas. The inside betting area has the numbers and the outside area has boxes for color betting (red and black), for odds and evens or for the columns and also different groups of numbers. There are many different variations of betting opportunities available for the player of roulette.

The game of Roulette has been known in all of Europe as the “King of Casino” game, the oldest ID88 casino game that has been played by the rich and famous, kings and queens, and touted as one of the most popular games ever. Later to become a great favorite among the online gaming enthusiasts, Roulette has made a mark on the world unparalleled by any other game.

Roulette Rules

Before you can get started playing the game of Roulette, you will want to buy the chips that are special to roulette. To keep down arguments between the players, everyone receives chips of a different color. When you have completed the game play, you will receive real casino chips to take to the cage, and the chips at the table you are at. Remember to cash in your chips at the table because you cannot cash in Roulette chips at the cage.

The tables, where Roulette is played, will have both a minimum and a maximum bet. You will be unable to combine the bets you make on the inside with the bets made on the outside areas of the table. If the table has a minimum of $5, that does not mean you can make a 3 dollar bet outside and a 2 dollar bet inside, it means that you will be betting $5 on the inside and $5 as your outside bet.

When you are making inside bets you will have several options to choose from. You may make a straight up bet on a number or you can sit on the line to make a bet on a combination of the numbers. The payouts for making inside bets each have different payout rates. For the Straight Up bet you get a 35 to 1 rate when you bet on a single number. A Split bet pays 17 to 1 and is a wager between the two numbers that you have chosen by putting your chip on the line between them. You can also make a Street bet or a Line bet that pays 11 to 1 and is made by putting a chip on the vertical line that separates the inside and outside area. The Quad bet, also called the Corner bet, pays 8 to 1 and is done by putting your chip so that it is in between the four corners of the numbers that you are betting on. You can also bet a Basket bet which is a five number bet on the number zero, the double zero and 1, 2, and 3. This bet pays 6 to 1 and has a house edge of 7.89, making it one of the worst bets in the game of Roulette. The Double Street is a bet on 6 numbers and it pays 5 to 1. For this bet you place the chip on the line that separates the inside and outside area, just like the street bet except that it should also straddle the row below and above.

The outside bets are made in the boxes that are around the numbers, you can bet on the black, red, odd, and even. You can bet your chips on the boxes on the layout. There are dozens of bets that can be made on the 12 numbers. You can place a wager on boxes such as 1-12, 13-24 and 25-36; these bets will pay you 2 to 1. If zero or double zero comes up, you will lose the bet. Column bets are also bets with 12 numbers, but instead of 12 numbers that are consecutive they are the numbers in one of the 3 vertical columns and are usual made in the boxes located at the bottom of your layout. The bet will pay 2 to 1 as well.

The dealer of the game requires keeping the wheel going all the time, even in between spins. They must spin the ball in a direction that is opposite of the direction of the wheel. This will cause the ball to spin and jump until it lands on a number. The dealer then marks the winning number with his marker, during this time you will not be allowed to place the bet for the next bet till the marker has been removed.

Roulette History

The game of Roulette is probably the oldest game in casino history, which still exists today. The word “roulette” means “little wheel” and has a long history that can be traced all the way back to the seventeenth century in France. The scientist and mathematician Blaise Pascal is credited for the invention of the game. However, in other stories the inventor is an unknown monk who created the game to relieve the boredom of being a monk. In yet another story, the inventors were the Chinese who sold the game to the Dominican monks. Whatever the true story may be, we know that this was a very popular game played in many Parisian casinos.

The first roulette wheel was constructed in France, it was believed to be a variant to the game Roly Poly, the Ace of Hearts and Hoca and BinBi. The bola88 game was played in many places and was a favorite of the fashionable rich set.

In 1842, two French men, Francois and Louis Blanc brought the “0” to the wheel to give the house better house odds. There is even a legend about Louis Blanc, in which he found that by adding all of the numbers from 0 to 36 together, they equaled 666. He believed that because of this it meant the devil had somehow given him the secret of roulette in return for his soul. After Roulette had been brought to America, in an effort to have even better house odds, a “00” was brought into the game. Some time later the “00” was replaced by the American Eagle, which was aimed to demonstrate the patriotism of the casinos.

Later, the casino became the game of choice for the glamorous; many famous people were playing the game, which enjoyed great popularity in Europe. In America the game did not catch on, because the odds were better in Europe than in America.

Roulette made a major comeback with the invention of online gaming; it became very popular, especially with the websites with the single “0”, which makes the game easier and much better for the gambler.

Card Counting in Online Blackjack

Card Counting in Online Blackjack

Card counting is one of the popular strategies of blackjack. This strategy has been highly dramatized in movies. Take, for example, Rain Man, where the character portrayed by Dustin Hoffman was able to literally count the cards in a blackjack game. The most recent movie about blackjack, 21, features card counting as an advanced mathematical operation.

In fact, card counting is based on a very simple principle. You don’t actually count cards; you only apply certain values to certain cards. The goal is to know the ratio between high valued cards and low valued cards.

The more high valued cards there are in the deck, the greater your chances of winning. This is because you can get close to 21 much more easily, while the dealer will have higher chances of being busted. The opposite is also true: the more lower-valued cards are in the deck, the riskier every bet you make would be.

Let us take the Hi/Lo card counting strategy as an example. In the Hi/Lo strategy, cards 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 are given a value of +1. 7, 8, and 9 are given a neutral value of 0. All the face cards, 10s, and Aces are given a value of -1. A player using the Hi/Lo strategy would add the values of the cards that are dealt.

So for example, a 2 is dealt. The running count should now be +1. After which, an 8 is dealt. The running count would still be +1 (+1 + 0 = +1). If a Jack arrives on the table, the running count would be back to 0. (+1 + 0 + -1 = 0)

Using the Hi/Lo system, you can easily bet larger and double down more often when the value reaches high positives, and bet smaller or even leave the table when the running count comes to high negatives.

More complicated card counting strategies have come up to counter the casino’s action of adding decks. Some of these employ values other than +1 and -1, some even have side-counts, where you’ll need to keep track of another number other than the running count.

Card counting can actually give you an advantage over the house. Following the basic Blackjack strategy coupled with the most basic card counting techniques can give you up to more than 2% advantage!

However, do take note that card counting is more difficult in online blackjack. Since most online casinos do not disclose how many decks they are using, you would find it difficult to adjust your counting strategies. The more decks a casino uses, the harder it is to count.

Also, since most online casinos employ some sort of automatic shuffling similar to Continuous Shuffling Machines of land-based casinos, it is virtually impossible to use card counting to your advantage.

The best way to win in online blackjack, therefore, would still be to follow basic blackjack strategy, and don’t forget to play at Fun88 Casino.

Learn Basic Blackjack Strategy

Learn Basic Blackjack Strategy

Online blackjack is one of the most profitable gambling games. When you employ even the most basic blackjack strategy, you would be able to reduce the house edge to at least 2%, without the need to increase your bets. If you master this strategy, you could even reduce it to less than 0.5%!

Other online casino games do not offer this opportunity. For example, to reduce the house edge of online slots, you would need to increase your bet to gain access to multi-line options. Blackjack also gives you a large enough space for control.

Basic Blackjack strategy is all about comparing your hand to the dealer’s hand. Which actions of blackjack to perform according to the table’s present situation could be easily summarized. We offer these in the following tables.

The good thing about online blackjack is that you can easily look at this web page while playing. That means you don’t need to memorize at all!

When to Hit and to Stand

The most basic rule is to always look at the situation of the whole table and not just at your own hand. The dealer’s cards may be closer to busting than yours, but sometimes, standing at this point would be disadvantageous to you. Here are guides to help you decide when to hit and when to stand.

  1. For a Hard Hand

A hard hand is one that does not contain an Ace. Taking hits with this hand is generally riskier.

Hit or Stand Probabilities for Hard Hands

  1. For a Soft Hand

A soft hand is one that contains an Ace. Since the Ace could be valued either as 1 or 11, this makes taking hits somewhat easier.

Hit or Stand Probabilities for Soft Hands

When to Double Down

Doubling down increases your profit, but sometimes even seemingly strong hands are more prone to losses than they look. The following tables illustrate situations when you should double down and when you should not. Remember that different online casinos may have different rules on doubling down, as some limit it to hands of a certain value.

When to Split Pairs

Generally, splitting pairs increases your chances of winning, since you’re literally given two hands. As a general strategy, you should split all Aces and 8s, and you should retain pairs of 10s and 5s. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules of the online casino regarding splitting pairs — some online casinos only allow certain pairs to be split up. The following table illustrates which pairs to split and at what situation.

Y = Split, N = Don’t Split

A Note about Insurance Bets and Surrendering

It is against basic strategy and logic to place an insurance bet. All insurance bets will always be to your disadvantage: there are only sixteen cards with a value of 10 existing in a deck of 52 cards. That’s only a 31% chance of winning back your initial bet! You won’t even gain any profit if you win. Furthermore, the chances that the dealer would be gaining a blackjack would lessen once other cards with a value of 10 appear. This would be the same reason why surrendering (as rare as this option may be) is never advantageous to a player. By giving up the chance to beat the dealer, you are also giving up your money — you could have profited instead of lost.

The Rules of Online Blackjack

The Rules of Online Blackjack

In general, blackjack is played with varying quantities of deck of cards. It used to be just one deck, but since genius gamblers like Edward O. Thorp created systems that would surely beat the dealer (i.e., card counting), casinos have upped the stakes. Now, blackjack is played with two, four, sometimes even up to eight decks!

But don’t let this fact hinder you from playing. The number of decks used would only affect your strategy if you’re counting cards. Otherwise, you would be fine with following the basic blackjack strategy.

Before we go into the nitty-gritty of blackjack strategy, you should familiarize yourself with the rules of Online Blackjack.

Blackjack Card Values

Suits have no value in blackjack, and do not affect the game in any way. Cards 2 to 10 are taken at face value. All face cards are considered to have a value of 10. The Ace could be considered as having a value of 11 or 1, depending on the situation.

So, for example, a Jack and a 4 would equal 14. An Ace and a 4 would be equivalent to either 5 or 15. If the cards are Ace, 4, and 7, the value of Ace would be 1 by default, because if it were to be 11, the hand would bust (11+4+7=22). If the Ace were paired up with any card that has a value of 10, it would automatically be valued 11, giving the player a blackjack.

Blackjack Game Procedure

The game procedure in blackjack is identical in both its online and offline versions. Players first place their bet before being dealt anything. Players are dealt two cards face-up. The dealer is given one face up card and one face down card (called the ‘hole’ card). After all the cards are dealt, the players then act in turn. In games where there are multiple players, the one to the left of the dealer acts first.

Blackjack Actions and Terms

Hit: To hit means you want to be dealt another card. To execute the hit action in online blackjack, you’ll usually simply click the ‘hit’ button.

Stand: If you are satisfied with your first two cards or your cards after you’ve hit, you can click on the ‘stand’ button. This will signify that you don’t want to be dealt any more cards.

Double Down: When a player doubles down, they are allowed to double their bet after being dealt their initial two cards. The player would then be dealt a last additional card. The conditions for doubling down vary according to which online casino you are playing in. For example, some casinos only allow doubling down to cards that total eleven.

Split: When a player is dealt two cards of the same rank (e.g. two Jacks), they can choose to split the cards into two different hands. After which, the player must make a bet equivalent to their initial bet. A second card would then be dealt to your first split hand. You can now act on your hand. Once you choose to stand, the dealer would then repeat the process on your second split card.

Insurance: The dealer would offer insurance if their upcard is an Ace. An insurance bet is a side bet — you are betting that the dealer’s hole card is a 10. To make this wager, you put in half of your total bet on the side. If the dealer’s hole card is a 10, you are paid 2:1. If you win the insurance bet, you’ll just be receiving your lost bet.

Surrender: A few online casinos would offer you the option of surrendering your hand, with the effect of retaining half your initial bet when the dealer checks for a blackjack.

To become a professional player, you need to play more often and learn various strategies. Primarily, playing with agents judi bola88 who provide competitive casino games.